Annual General Meeting and EGM Minutes March 2021

WMA EXTRA ORDINARY MEETIING held on 27 MARCH 2021 at 4pm on Zoom.

  1. Purpose to consider PROPOSED RULES AMENDMENTS STANDING IN THE NAME OF THE EC   having been distributed to all members together with an explanation of the effect of the introduction of the Rule Amendment.
  2. PRESENT: Anne Schuman Chair, Maria Caravanas, Keith Parkins, Maria Hughes, Gwen Cook, Jane Scott, Ollie Scott, Isla Cameron Tom Tomkins, Tim Martin, Ray Pickard,, John Pinkerton, Joy Street, Jill Waterson, Ben Lunn, Keith Sparrow and Rob Harper.
  3. Rule 1. Delete the existing Rule and insert ‘The name of the Society is the WORKERS’ MUSIC ASSOCIATION LIMITED. All correspondence should be sent to the Secretary. Was  moved and following a short debate the motion to amend the Rule was CARRIED
  4. Rule 2. Delete existing Rule and replace with;

(a)The aim of the WMA is:

  • To promote music which expresses humankind’s progress towards the improved organisation of society; music which exerts an influence against the social injustices of our present society; music which encourages and reflects the activities and aspirations of the labour and peace movements for a new society.

(b)The objects of the WMA are to meet this aim by the following means:

  • to print, publish and sell (including for export) music and the literature of music;
  • to deal in musical instruments, including instruments for the reproduction of music;
  • to produce and sell (including for export) recorded music and films;
  • to encourage the composition and performance of music;
    • to provide whatever services of education and performance for the labour and peace movements as may be determined by the Annual General Meeting of the Association, and generally, by all means which may be determined by the Executive Committee from time to time. Having been moved there followed a debate regarding the exclusion of the importance of education in the Rule. An amendment was Moved by Maria Caravanas which was LOST. The original motion to amend the Rule was the NOT CARRIED.


  1. Rule 3. b. Delete the second sentence and insert ‘Individuals applying for membership shall be accepted without payment until the subsequent 1 January upon completion of a Standing Order or Bank Transfer’. Add at the end ‘The subscriptions of all applicants shall commence on 1 January following acceptance of the application..’  This was CARRIED
    1. Rule 3.c. Delete ‘after the Annual General Meeting material’. This was CARRIED
    2. Rule 3(d). Delete CARRIED
    3. Rule 3e. Delete as is not required and there is no category as a ‘lapsed’ member. CARRIED
    4. Rule 3.f. Delete the second sentence. CARRIED

10. Rule 4a The period of notice of the AGM shall be 21 days. This removes the facility for the EC to decide. CARRIED.

11. 4.d. Delete.  CARRIED

12. 4g. Insert after ‘post’ ‘or email’ This means that members are given the option of receipt of communications by post or email with the default position being post. CARRIED

13. 4i. To read that the Chair (not chairman) may have the casting vote if equal. Any remaining references that are gender specific must also be removed. CARRIED

14. 4.j. and h.  DELETE. CARRIED

15. 4.m. Rules 2012. Delete.  CARRIED

16. Rule 5a. Delete ‘10’ and insert ‘7’.  Delete the third sentence.  Insert before ‘Treasurer’ the words ‘Secretary and’.  CARRIED                                                                                                      

17. 5e. Delete and insert that ‘the EC shall be empowered to co-opt members.  CARRIED                     

18. 5g. Delete. CARRIED

19. Rule 5.h. Delete. CARRIED

20. Rule 5.j.  Delete ‘shall’ and insert ‘may’. CARRIED

21. Rule 5.l. Delete existing and replace with; The EC may appoint committees to consider individual issues. The outcome of such considerations shall be subject to the EC’s and/or the AGM’s approval. CARRIED

22. Rule 5.m. Delete all after ’Association’ line 2. CARRIED

23. Rule 5.n. Delete all after ‘kept’ line 2. We have not kept minutes in books for many years.CARRIED

24. Rule 5.o. Insert ‘Minutes of all meetings of the Association, the EC and its committees shall be authorised by the Chair for distribution, shall be retained and shall be available for inspection by members. CARRIED

25. Rule 6. Delete all after the first sentence. CARRIED

26. Rule 7 a. Delete the first 4 sentences and replace with. Each December, an invitation shall be sent to all members to make proposals for consideration at the AGM and nominations for President, Chair and 7 Executive Committee members. All nominations and proposals must be seconded by a member or an affiliated organisation not owing arrears of subscription. Such nominations and proposals must be received by the Secretary by 14 February. The Secretary shall check that the persons nominated or making a proposal are members and are not in arrears of subscription and accept nomination.  CARRIED

The time being 5.30pm the meeting stood adjourned to reconvene at a time determined by the Executive Committee.


  1. PRESENT. Anne Schuman Chair, David Martin President, John Pinkerton, Lynne Habermacher, Gwen Cook, Paul Williamson, Ros Clayton, Tom (David) Tomkins, Joy Street, Maria Caravanas, Keith Sparrow, Jane Scott,  Maria Hughes, Rob Harper secretary.
  2. APOLOGIES were received from: Jill Waterson, Leicester Red Choir, Debbie Davison, Helen Thomas, Roy Bride, Ingrid Gould and John Holmes. They were ACCEPTED.
  3. The Chair welcomed members and suggested that the order of business be, the two amendments to Rule 2 followed by the outstanding amendments from the meeting on 27 March 2021 standing the name of the Executive Committee. This was Agreed.
  4. Amendment to Rule 2(a) The aim of the WMA is to promote music, performance, appreciation, composition and education from a socialist perspective. This was moved by Ros Clayton and seconded by Tom Tomkins. The amendment was opposed by Maria Caravanas and Rob Harper and upon being put to the vote there was 6 For and 3 AGAINST. This achieved the necessary 2/3 majority and was therefore CARRIED.
  5. Amendment to Rule 2 (a) and (b) therefore FELL.
  6. Amendment to Rule 8. That the Rule be deleted. Moved for the EC by the secretary this was opposed by Gwen Cook and John Pinkerton and upon a vote was NOT CARRIED.
  7. Amendment to Rule 9.  That the Rule be deleted. Moved for the EC by the secretary this was opposed by Gwen Cook and John Pinkerton and upon a vote was NOT CARRIED.
  8. Amendment to Rule 10 (a). Delete the first paragraph. Second paragraph, Delete the second sentence and insert ‘Such auditor to be qualified in accordance with legislation current at the time of the Audit.’ CARRIED NEM CON
  9. Amendment to Rule 10 (b Delete the existing Rule and insert ‘At its AGM a lay auditor may be appointed for that year only.’  CARRIED NEM CON

10. c. Delete the existing rule and insert ‘An Officer, servant or EC member shall not be eligible for nomination as Auditor.’ CARRIED NEM CON

11. e. Delete. CARRIED NEM CON

12. f. Delete. CARRIED NEM CON

13. g. Delete the existing and insert ‘The Auditor shall report to the AGM/EGM upon  the examination of the accounts.’ CARRIED NEM CON

14. h. Delete. CARRIED NEM CON

15. i. Delete and insert ‘The lay Auditor shall be entitled to attend the AGM/EGM to report on her/his findings.’  CARRIED NEM CON

16. j. Delete all after ‘in accordance with’ and insert ‘current legislation.’ CARRIED NEM CON

17. n. Delete CARRIED NEM CON

18. o. Delete ‘Registrar’ and insert ‘FCA or equivalent body.’ CARRIED NEM CON

19. p. Delete all after Auditor. CARRIED NEM CON

20. Rule 11. Delete. CARRIED NEM CON

21. Rule 12 Delete ‘(1)’ and delete from ‘(2)’ CARRIED NEM CON

22. Rule 13 Delete first sentence. CARRIED NEM CON

23. Rule 14 Delete. CARRIED NEM CON

24. Rule 15. Delete and Insert. DISCIPLINE. The Executive Committee shall prepare regulations for discipline in accordance with current legislation. The Regulations shall be presented to the AGM/EGM for consideration. CARRIED NEM CON

25. A QUESTION WAS RAISED regarding the implementation of the Rule changes. The Rules 16 (b) states that ‘No amendment of rules is valid until registered.’ Therefore, the amendments will be communicated to the Finance Conduct Authority (FCA). There was some discussion regarding the response of the FCA to our annual communications and it was Agreed that; the amendments be sent to the FCA. In the absence of any response after 30 days, the changes will be promulgated.

26. There being no further business the Chair thanked members for their attendance, wished them well and declared the meeting closed.