Annual General Meeting - All Saints Community Rooms Birmingham B14 7RA

The AGM was held on 23 March and the Officers and Executive Committee were confirmed Elected without the need for a ballot.

Chair: Anne Schuman

Secretary: Rob Harper

Treasurer: Maria Hughes

EC: Tim Martin, Keith Sparrow, Steve Randall, Ben Aitkin and Isla Cameron.

The meeting approved the Finance Reports of bothe main accoint and the Summer School account. Arrangements are in hand for the accounts to be consolidated and Audited. An Extra Ordinary general Meeting will be convened; possibly in May.

Minutes of the EGM 23 March 2019

Workers Music Association Annual General Meeting 2019

Workers Music Association Annual General Meeting 2019, held at All Saints Centre, 2 Vicarage Road, King's Heath, Birmingham B14 7RA,  scheduled to commence at 2.00 p.m.


Anne Schuman, (Chair), Keith Sparrow, David V Tomkins, Jane Scott, Will Scott, Maria Hughes, Anna Robottom, Anne Lockyer, Isla Cameron, Maria Caravanas, Tim Martin, Roy Bride, Andy Sharpless, Ben Aitken, Rob Harper,

APOLOGIES received from Mavis Cook, Steve Walker, David Martin, Jane Little, Tamsin Holding, Gwen Cook, Oliver Scott, Steve Randall

The meeting being inquorate was closed at 2.15, and EGM convened at 2.20 p.m.

Appointment of Tellers:

            Tim Martin and Tom Tomkins were elected.

Remembering past members;

Chair asked the meeting to stand in silence to remember John Jordan, our late President, Vernon Frost, who had been a President, and an EC member, and Margaret Dolan.

During her opening remarks, Chair reminded the meeting that WMA is a non-Party political organisation, and noting that the world's population had been supportive of those who suffered in the recent events involving mosques in Birmingham and Christchurch.

            She reiterated the welcome at summer school for students of all abilities and from many different countries. Drawing attention to the aging of the membership, and the need to recruit younger members, who might be willing to broaden the activities of the WMA. Her suggestion that the various active choirs in UK should be considered for a Directory, to exchange new songs to sing at the various demonstrations.

A short address from our new President was read to the meeting, and received with applause.

MINUTES of the EGM meeting held on Saturday 24th March 2018 previously distributed, were AGREED to be a correct record of the proceedings of the meeting.

 There were no matters arising.




Executive Committee report included

Our archives have been collected, collated and delivered to the Janey Buchan Political Song Collection at the University of Glasgow, and it has been ascertained that these will be accessible to anyone who was interested enough to enquire.

Ingestre Hall took possession of John Jordan's piano, which is on permanent loan, paying for the delivery charges, and a plaque is to be made for attachment to the instrument. The Hall has also joined the WMA.

The Registered Office of the Association was altered to 240 Perry Rise, London SE23 2QT and accepted by the FCA.


The report which had been circulated in advance was accepted.


Membership Secretary reported that our membership continued to decrease, and drew attention to a recent initiative taken at Summer School to offer free membership for the remainder of the current year to students.


The report had been circulated in advance, and was accepted.


Summer School report had also been distributed in advance of the meeting, and showed an increase in student attendance, but a loss of income due to repayment of fees paid to students who became ill and had to leave early. This will no longer be the case, and students are to be advised to take out insurance against unexpected illness. Attention was drawn to the generosity of donors and tutors to ensure the success of the school.  There was a small discrepancy in the total figure of income, but with this amendment the report was accepted.


Bulletin had issued two editions inn 2018, and an appeal for copy to be sent to the Editors was made. It was noted that Steve Randall who played a major role in the production of the newsletter, had been struck down with a stroke, from which he was presently recovering.


Finance Report: There was considerable discussion over the papers distributed, and it was finally agreed to ACCEPT the papers showing the income and expenditure for the 2018 period. The accounts had not been audited, but the Summer School and WMA main accounts will be consolidated and submitted to the Auditor, and it was hoped to arrange an EGM on 18th May prior to the Memorial Concert for John Jordan to accept these.


Election of Officers:

President:                                          David Martin

Chair                                                  Anne Schuman



Steve Randall,                                              Rob Harper

Maria Hughes                                               Tim Martin,

Mavis Cook,                                                  Keith Sparrow

Isla Cameron                                                            Ben Aitken


Rule changes:


AGREED that this EGM resolves to disapply the need for a full professional audit for the period between 1st January 2020 and 31st December 2020 in accordance with Rules 10a), 11 and 12 as required by the FCA.


AGREED that the amended registered address (of WMA) is 240 Perry Rise, Forest Hill, London SE23 2QT.


AGREED that Every member shall be given a copy of the rules.


AGREED that All references to the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 shall be replaced by "Co-operative and Community and Benefit Societies Act 2014"


AGREED that Students attending the WMA Summer School of Music who are not already WMA members shall be offered free membership for the remainder of that calendar year.


AGREED  that all notices convening general meetings shall be sent by post to all members.


Date and Venue of 2020 Annual General Meeting .................

Meeting closed at 5.p.m.