EC Meeting 12 June 2021

MINUTES of the WMA EC MEETING held 10.30am on 12 JUNE 2012 by ZOOM

Ref: wma ec min 120621

  1. Present. Anne Schuman Chair, Ben Lunn, Tom Tomkins, Ria Caravanas, David Martin President, Keith Sparrow Membership Secretary, and Rob Harper secretary.
  2. Apologies were received from Maria Hughes, Joy Street and Isla Cameron. They were Accepted.
  3. Minutes of the EC meetings held 10 April, 24 April and the EGM of 22 May having been previously circulated were accepted.
  4. Matters Arising NIL
  5. Treasurer’s Report. None. Maria had sent apologies due to a sudden bereavement.
  6. Membership Report.  Keith reported a new member Tom Doughty had joined. We now have 65 members. It was Agreed that a date would be agreed for a meeting to look at the membership form and social media would be decided immediately upon the closure of the EC meeting. The secretary reported that he had spoken to the wife of the Life Member. He was able to report that he is in good health and enjoying life.
  7. Bulletin. David Martin agreed to forward his Desert Island Discs choice again for inclusion in Bulletin. The next issue will be published within 2 weeks.
  8. Rule Amendments. The secretary reported that despite a number of attempts he was unable to complete the registration of the Rule Amendments on the FCA portal. He had circulated a letter he wished to send to FCA. One typographical error was recorded..
  9. Communications with Roy Bride. Following discussion on the content of the correspondence, Tom Tomkins proposed that we write to the ICO regarding the contrary advice received by the secretary/Roy Bride asking for a definitive answer. He will also write to Roy advising him of this decision.
  10. Summer School. In the absence of Isla Cameron the secretary reported that the SSWP continue to plan on the basis of the School taking place. Provision for an increase in camping and a washroom/toilet had been hired to take account of this. Marion and Steve Harper would not be able to take the Folk Course this year as travel from France is difficult and costly. Tom Patterson,  an experienced folk musician and teacher had been recruited. In an effort to encourage more students to enrol, all applicants will be entitled to a full refund should they decide not to attend in addition to a full refund should Ingestre cancel. The Head of Centre will attend part of the next SSWP meeting to advise on the latest position. The SSWP had decided to spend £500 on marketing in an attempt to recruit more students in order to reduce/prevent a financial loss. Mention was made of the availability of funds in the Main Account to overcome difficulties. It was Agreed that an article be placed in Bulletin regarding School recruitment and the availability of refunds.
  11. WMA Weekend. Following discussion it was Agreed that if the Summer School does not take place we organise an Autumn Weekend: if the School does take place we organise for Spring 2022.
  12. Any other Business. Tom Tomkins drew the EC’s attention to a TV programme on Foyle's War which makes reference to Alan Bush and the role of his group during World War 2.
  13. Date of next meeting. 24 July 10.30am