EC Meeting 18 January 2020

MINUTES of the EC MEETING 18 JANUARY 2020 at 10.30am

    1. Attendance. David Martin; President, Anne Schuman; Chair, Maria Hughes; Treasurer, Keith Sparrow; Membership Secretary, and Rob Harper: Secretary.
    2. APOLOGIES. NIL. (After the meeting was over I discovered a text from Tim Martin submitting apologies due to flue type symptoms)
    3. MINUTES of the MEETING held 23 NOVEMBER 2019. ACCEPTED. David Martin thanked the EC for the Get Well card received when unwell.
    4. MATTERS ARISING. i. The Jellicoe Hall had now been booked for the AGM on 21 March 2020. Ii. Printing of the Rules in book form. Not required until after the AGM C/F. iii. Song of the Workers. It was now realised that the title is March of the Workers. Discharged.
    5. REPORTS.
    6. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. The Secretary to alter the layout of the attendances to be more easily understood. With this amendment the Report was AGREED.
    7. FINANCE. The reports circulated to the EC were ACCEPTED. Payment for John Jordan’s Memorial Concert to be annotated accordingly Maria and Rob to resolve the payments for the website and the FCA. Rob to email Tim Martin re the PRS report and Maria to contact FCA re the £67 payment. Maria also reported that the Co op Bank website was working properly  and that from the end of January 2020 the monthly statement would be circulated by email to all EC.
    8. MEMBERSHIP. Keith explained the donations of some members with their subs, he would speak to Roy Bride re Sally’s subs. The letter to members re 2020 subs was agreed and Rob and Keith would discuss how to communicate with the members recruited at Summer School. It was AGREED that Mavis Cook be proposed for Honorary Membership at the AGM.
    9. BULLETIN. Anne to circulate the report. To aim for 4 issues in 2020.
    10. WEBSITE. The report from Anne’s son (Mark) was ACCEPTED. It was necessary for the Summer School Working Party to meet to consider moving to Wordpress. Discussion took place on the outstanding period already paid to Simplesite. It was AGREED that there be a member of the EC to be responsible for the website who will liaise with Mark re its content.
    11. PRS. Rob to contact Tim re a report which is needed prior to 14 February..
    12. Summer School. Rob to contact Isla re a report which is needed prior to 14 February
    13. Status of WMA Material Stored at Mavis Cook’s House. The EC was pleased to know that Mavis was back at home and had spent Christmas with Isla. It was AGREED that a formal letter be sent regarding the repossession of the WMA material.
    14. Ms R Clayton’s Complaint re Bulletin Article by David Martin. David thanked the EC for their support over this matter. Following Ms Clayton’s refusal to accept his apology he had researched the law on this matter. The law relating to racism is the 1976 act; Ms. Clayton stated in error that there is a 1970 act. The content of that Act made it clear that he had not transgressed its terms in any way. Rob believed it unacceptable with regard to Human Rights, that the Rene Cassin Institute should ask Ms Clayton to produce a summary on a matter in which she was involved. It was therefore AGREED that Ms Clayton’s complaint should not be published in the Bulletin. Further that we write to her advising her of this decision. A copy of Ms Clayton’s original letter be sent to Tim
    15. MUSIC WEEKEND. It was AGREED that the article be placed on the old WMA website, to ask Tim to produce a draft flyer for the weekend.
    16. VERNON’S MATERIAL. It was AGREED that if no one wants any of them, they are taken to Summer School. What is left is disposed of.
    17. DATE of the NEXT MEETING 22 FEBRUARY 2020