EC Meeting 20 February 2021

MINUTES of the MEETING of the WMA EC MEETING held 20 FEBRUARY 2021 at 10.30am

  1. ATTENDANCE: Anne Schuman (Chair), David Martin (President), Maria Hughes (Treasurer) Keith Sparrow (Membership Secretary) Isla Cameron and Rob Harper (secretary)
  3. MINUTES of the MEETING 9 JANUARY 2021 having been circulated were AGREED as a true record.
  4. MATTERS ARISING not dealt with under Agenda items. a) Rose Bush – Mavis Cook. Awaiting a decision on Ingestre being available for summer school. b) Plaque for John Jordan’s piano at Ingetsre. The draft wording was AGREED with one amendment; John’s Master of Music was gained at Leeds not Goldsmiths College.
  5. FINANCE. The bank statement as of 27 January 2021 having been circulated, Maria reported that the current balances in the accounts were; Main a/c £7,603.05, Summer School a/c £15,960.04. Maria reported that she had completed the Audit with ‘Tom’ Tomkins. The certificate would be circulated for the AGM. A membership payment had been received from D Carr.
  6. MEMBERSHIP. Keith reported that there were 66 members for the year 2020 but only 57 payees to date for 2021. AGREED Keith would liaise with Rob and Maria regarding reminding those who had not paid their subscriptions. Keith would resolve with a member the amount of subscription.
  7. a) BULLETIN. Anne remarked that there had been 6 editions published in the past 6 months. The items from the recent minutes had all been included. Isla raised the matter of the Editorial and the reference to ‘confidence’ in the Summer School taking place. Following discussion, it was AGREED that it would remain for members to respond in a future edition. In response to an enquiry, it AGREED that enquiries regarding enrolment should be encouraged with the assurance that a full refund would be made should the School not take place. With regard to plans, should the government, local authority and the medical advice approve,  the arrangements for Summer School are in hand to be completed in time.
  8. b) WEBSITE. The secretary reported that he had placed the link provided by Keith for access to Alan Bush’s film on the website. Discussion took place with regard to the recruitment. It was AGREED that potential members be referred to the website and an application form be attached to emails giving this information.
  9. SUMMER SCHOOL. Ref item 7. a)

10.AGM. a) The Annual Report had been printed. The secretary reported one omission; reference to WMA Singers re the work Keith had done. He apologised for this and assured EC that reference would be made in the AGM Agenda letter to this matter.

b) Nominations. The paper issued by the secretary regarding no valid nomination for Chair was AGREED. This would be reported to the AGM.

c) Action points regarding amendments to Rule had been carried out. The secretary advised EC of the rules of debate regarding proposals to amend Rules. i.e. the mover is permitted the ‘right of reply’.

d) EC Meeting post AGM. This was AGREED to be held immediately after the AGM with the AGENDA being appointment of officers and date of next meeting.

e) Test meeting for AGM. AGREED to be 20 March 2021 10.30. to ensure Zoom facilities regarding Mute and Phone In are accessible.

f) Motion for AGM in the name of the EC. That the incoming EC prepare a policy paper for the 2022 AGM on ‘Making Music an Integral Part of the Curriculum in every School.’ The preparation of the policy to include consideration of the policies of all political parties, trades unions and other interested bodies. To Invite WMA members to submit their ideas for consideration. A short discussion took place during which David suggested that Ben Lunn would be an appropriate person to chair a committee of the EC to prepare such a paper. The motion was Carried for reference to the AGM

A question regarding the membership of a member was resolved.

This being all the business the meeting closed at 12.10pm