EC Meeting 13 April 2019

MINUTES OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE WMA held at 10.30am on 13 APRIL 2019 by Telephone Conference call.

In the Chair: Anne Schuman

  1. Present the Chair and the President, David Martin and Isla Cameron, Mavis Cook, Keith Sparrow, Ben Aitkin, Tim Martin, Treasurer Maria Hughes, Secretary Rob Harper. Member Jane Little in attendance.
  2. APOLOGIES for Absence: Steve Randall. Steve’s health is slowly improving.
  3. MINUTES of the Post EGM EC held 23 March 2019 were AGREED as a TRUE RECORD.

3.b. Appointment of Maria Hughes to EC and Treasurer; letter from Roy Bride of 31 March 2019. Following consideration of the terms of the letter the EC affirmed the following matters;

Maria Hughes was declared as elected to the EC in notice of the AGM/EGM meeting and this was confirmed by those present at the EGM meeting of 23 March 2019 at which Roy Bride was present and no objection was raised.

In addition it is also the case that eleven members paid their subscriptions after the last day of February. Some have done so for some years. According to Rule, they are ‘lapsed’ but have never been treated as such in that they receive

  1. Initial notice of the AGM/EGM
  2. Invitation to nominate Officers and EC members
  3. The final Agenda and invitation to the AGM/EGM
  4. Copies of Bulletin.

Maria paid a subscription of £16 (having paid £20 in October 2018) on 15 February (before the last day of February) and is therefore not in arrears. There appears to be some ambiguity in the Rules between the requirements of nomination for the EC (Rule 7 (a) refers) and when someone ceases to be a member and is considered ‘lapsed’ (Rule 3 (f) refers.

The EC having considered the above matters therefore RESOLVED that the election of Maria Hughes to the EC is VALID and her subsequent appointment as Treasurer is also VALID. This was Unanimously AGREED.

In reply to a question Maria explained that Roy had given her;

1.Print outs of the transactions

2. Cheque Book

3. Supplementary Inpayment listing Book.

But no bank statement, receipts or means of access to the account.


    1. Balance in the bank current a/c £7,290.15 as of 31.12.18
    2.  Deposit a/c £12,008.51
    3. Progress on changeover of account. It was AGREED that the Secretary write to Roy Bride, and speak to him, asking him to surrender all Treasurer’s documents and materials to the Chair.
    4. Maria reported that there would be one set of signatories for both accounts. The existing and new signatories would be asked to complete the appropriate form(s) at the John Jordan Memorial Concert. A signed copy of these minutes would be required for the Co op Bank.

It was AGREED that the for the future the signatories will be; A Schuman, M Hughes, B Aitkin, I Cameron, J Scott and R Harper.

Arrangements for Audit. The consolidated accounts had been constructed in accordance with form AR 30, the Secretary had spoken to Tony Grace and agreed the necessary arrangements. It was also AGREED that the Secretary speak to the FCA if there are any problems with the handover.

  2. Participants; i. President to Address the Meeting 5 minutes, ii. Clarion Singers Singers 30 minutes, iii. Maria Caravanas 15 minutes, Tim Martin  10 minutes, David Martin 10 minutes, Jane Little/Mavis Cook 15 minutes, Roy Bride 5 minutes. During the discussion the meeting was advised that Tamsin Holding was planning to perform and would require 6 to 10 minutes.
  3. Arrangements for Invitations. It was AGREED to invite John family members (8), WMA Members, WMA Singers, Clarion Supporters and Vice presidents. It was also AGREED that the SSWP would be free to invite students.
  4. Refreshments. AGREED to BMI to provide tea/coffee and biscuits @ £2.50 per person. Numbers to be confirmed 3 days before the concerts. Additional wine and food may be provided by attendees.
  5. Publicity. AGREED to produce a leaflet Jane Little and Keith Sparrow to provide photographs and an advert in the Morning Star.
  6. Membership Drive. Membership Leaflets would be made available in the Hall.
  7. Pre concert meeting Saturday 11 May 10.30am


  1. EGM Minutes for action. The copy emailed to EC was AGREED for action.
    1. Copy of Rules. To be sent to all members with an explanation regarding their date.
    2. 2020 AGM/EGM To be agreed at the next full EC meeting.
    3. Copy for R Bride with post EGM EC Minutes.


  1. SUMMER SCHOOL REPORT. Isla Cameron reported that 41 students had enrolled to date. This was an increase in comparison to previous years.
  2. MEMBERSHIP. Keith Sparrow reported that he knew of 41 members who had paid from the information provided by R Bride.
  3. PRS. Tim Martin reported that he had been in contact with the PRS. The Secretary reported that he had received a ‘Directors’ Ballot’ paper which he will pass to Tim.
  4. Website. Ben had had to leave the meeting due to work commitments. The Secretary reported that the website had been updated with membership subscription details.
  5. A.O.B. AGREED to discuss the copyright issues around John Jordan’s music at the next full EC meeting.
  6. DATES FOR FUTURE MEETINGS. AGREED 8 JUNE, Special EC pre concert meeting on11 May and that an Extra Ordinary Meeting be held at 1pm on 18 May 2019 to consider the Report of the Audited Accounts.    There being no further business the meeting closed at 11.50am