EC Meeting 9 January 2021

  1. MINUTES of the MEETING of the WMA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE held 9 January 2021 AT 10.30am

    1. Present. Anne Schuman (Chair), David Martin (President), Maria Hughes (Treasurer),  Keith Sparrow (Membership) and Rob Harper (Secretary)
    2. APOLOGIES were Received from Isla Cameron and Tim Martin Accepted.
    3. Minutes of the Meeting of 24 October 2020 were Accepted as a true record. It was AGREED that copies of minutes would be circulated with Agendas of future meetings.
    4. Matters Arising.        a) Mavis Cook’s Rosebush. Ingestre had agreed to the planting of the bush. The secretary reported that the cost of a suitable plaque would be of the order of £10. AGREED. The question of a plaque to be fixed to the piano donated by John Jordan’s family was raised. It was AGREED that the secretary circulate draft words for the plaque which, once agreed would be ordered.

    b) AGM  Zoom Consultative Ballot. The secretary reported that 31 responses had been received by both post and email. All were positive.

    c) Marx Memorial Library. The application for membership had been accepted. A journal had been received which had been sent to David Martin                                                                                                         5.FINANCE. The draft Finance Report of the Main Account, having been circulated by Maria prior to the meeting, was discussed. Maria would amend the explanatory section relating to ‘Other’ Expenditure to clarify the reasons for the amount. The Summer School Report would be brief, arising from the cancellation of the Summer School.                                                                                                                 6. MEMBERSHIP.    a) The Annual Membership Report, having been previously circulated by Keith, was discussed and Accepted. b) The secretary, Keith and Maria would meet via Zoom to discuss a revised application procedure.  c)  The art work for the Membership Cards is progressing. EC members are to submit suggested statements to describe the WMA for inclusion on the card.                                                                                                               7. BULLETIN. It was Agreed that an issue be published in January.  Included shall be the result of the consultative ballot, a biography of Keith Parkins and a notice regarding the AGM with regard to the Rules and associated documents circulated to members for the 2020 AGM. Also an appeal to members for donations to provide for scholarships to the Summer School.                                                                                                                        8. SUMMER SCHOOL. The SSWP would meet shortly to discuss the finance report. The secretary requested that consideration be given to use reserves in the event of long term students having difficulty attending due to the CV19 pandemic. Following further discussion it was Agreed that a second Scholarship of £300 pounds be provided for 2021 in addition to the John Horrocks Scholarship. Discussion took place on the application process for scholarships. The John Horrocks Scholarship requires that the person shall be studying music, can give evidence of activity in the labour movement and submit a written application.                                                                                                     9. AGM 2021. The draft of the EC Report having been circulated 7 days previously was considered. The following amendments were Agreed. Attendances to be updated.   Paragraph 4. ARCHIVE. To add after Keith Sparrow’s name ‘on behalf of the (now disbanded) WMA Singers.                                                                                                                                  Paragraph 8. Deleted I from depositied to read deposited.                                                       Paragraph 9. Rules Revision. Delete ‘aborted’ and insert ‘cancelled.

  2. Nominations for Officers and EC. Noted. All nominations are valid and no election is required.                                                 

    c. On Amendment to  Rule 3.b. an explanation shall be included on the effect of the rule change.

    d. Amendment to Rule 7a. To add a further amendment to allow for propositions to be invited along with nominations for officers and EC.  The amendment to now read, Delete the first 2 sentences and replace with. Each December, an invitation shall be sent to all members to make proposals for consideration at the AGM and nominations for President, Chair and 7 Executive Committee members. All nominations and proposals must be seconded by a member or an affiliated organisation not owing arrears of subscription. Such nominations and proposals must be received by the Secretary by 14 February. The Secretary shall check that the persons nominated or making a proposal are members and are not in arrears of subscription and accept nomination.      An explanation will be provided with the amendment.

    d. Proposal for the AGM in the name of the EC. That the incoming EC prepare a policy paper for the AGM 2022 on ‘Making Music an Integral Part of the Curriculum in Every School’. The preparation of this policy to include the policies of all political parties, trades unions and other interested bodies. To invite WMA members to submit ideas for consideration. Following debate, mainly with regard to the preparation resulting in a policy, no agreement was reached. It was decided to discuss further.                                                                                            10.DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING was Agreed to be 20 February 2021.