MINUTES of EC Meeting 15 August 2020


  1. Present; Anne Schuman, Chair, David Martin, President, Maria Hughes, Treasurer, Keith Sparrow, Membership Secretary, Isla Cameron and Rob Harper, Secretary.
  2. APOLOGIES for absence. NIL
  3. MINUTES of the MEETING held 20 JUNE 2020 were ACCEPTED  as a true record. Two members had experienced difficulties in reading the minutes as an attachment. The secretary agreed to correct this.*
  4. MATTERS ARISING; a) WMA Archive. The secretary had posted a letter to the solicitors for the will of Mavis Cook to Isla Cameron who had passed it on. The solicitors (Morecrofts) had emailed the secretary assuring  us that the material will be transferred to us once access had been gained to the property. The secretary had chased Morecrofts in an effort to get an up to date report for the meeting but none had been received. Isla reported that Mavis’s son had moved back to London after having the locks changed on the property in Liverpool. It was agreed to await the outcome of Morecrofts’ dealing with the matter.
  5. FINANCE. Maria Hughes reported that;

a)       In future there would be no charge for our FCA account

b)      The name of our account is Workers’ Music Association Limited and the reference number is 12622R (The password is now WMAec20)

c)       The bank statements had been circulated to EC members, the main a/c standing at £7499.81, deposit a/c standing at £12089.18

d)      Maria had mailed the access material to the secretary who had not received it and was still not receiving emails from Maria and Anne Schuman. (Following further work it appears that the bt software for the secretary’s  email account is blocking emails from contacts with a gmail.com address. He will continue to resolve this matter)

  1. MEMBERSHIP. Keith Sparrow reported that two new members, John Powles and Ben Lunn had been recruited. The secretary agreed to provide the email addresses and telephone numbers but information may not be available on payments as both would be entitled to the ‘membership deal’ (so would not pay until 01.01.2021) or will contact their bank directly regarding payment. There was discussion about the provision of rule books to new members. John Powles, Ben Lunn and Helen Thomas had been sent a copy. Keith advised that he will add a column to the membership spreadsheet to indicate provision of a rule book.* Existing members will be covered when material is despatched for the AGM as this will include a rules book.
  2. BULLETIN. Anne Schuman reported that the edition is ready to be circulated. She was particularly pleased with the contribution of Sheila Searchfield. Keith agreed to supply a picture of the President dressed in the robe designed for him by the Chair for the cockerel article.*
  3. SUMMER SCHOOL. Maria Hughes reported that all those who had paid a deposit for this year’s school had left the money in for next year. The secretary reported that he is sending Jane Scott 100 leaflets to mail to past students. The SSWP had agreed to a series of interviews with tutors, beginning with Helen Thomas, for distribution to summer school contacts. Maria would send a leaflet as an attachment to an email (to those who have not given postal addresses) with an offer to send hard copies to their postal address if they wish.
  4. DO IT YOURSELF WEEK END of MUSIC. We now have dates for Redfield and will advertaise again in the Bulletin to assess the level of interest.
  5. CANCELLATION of AGM 2020. IT WAS AGREED that the AGM set for September would be CANCELLED. The secretary had provisionally booked the Basil Jellicoe Hall for 27 March 2021 for the next AGM. It was AGREED that ALL MEMBERS BE ADVISED.
  6. WEBSITE. Due to illness the report is deferred. Simplesite is paid for until 2022 and is updated as and when necessary.

11.a Composers’ Zoom meeting will be set up by Keith. A test meeting will be arranged between Keith and David. Maria will be invited to the full meeting.


The meeting ended at 11.26am