MINUTES of EC Meeting 24 October 2020




  1. Present. Anne Schuman (Chair), David Martin (President), Maria Hughes (Treasurer), Isla Cameron (Summer School), Keith Sparrow (Membership) and Rob Harper (Secretary)
  2. APOLOGIES were Received from Tim Martin Accepted.
  3. Minutes of the Meeting of 22 August 2020 were Accepted as a true record. It was AGREED that copies of minutes would be circulated with Agendas of future meetings.
  4. Matters Arising.        a) WMA Archives at Mavis Cook’s house. There had been no further communication from Mavis’s solicitor.           b) Vernon Frost’s books. There had been no response from the University of Birmingham’s Music Department.  The secretary reported that he had spoken to an OXFAM shop in Birmingham who may be prepared to accept some of these books. It was AGREED that the secretary pursue this option of disposal.       c) Isla reported that she now had a rosebush which belonged to Mavis and suggested that this be given to Ingestre Hall to further cement our relationship with them. This was Agreed.  Advice was need on when to replant the rosebush. Approaches to be made to Alyn Scott and Ingestre with regard to a commemorative wooden plaque.
  5. CORRESPONDENCE. The secretary reported on the exchange of emails with Ros Clayton regarding the cancellation of the AGM. The report was Accepted. It was AGREED to consult members regarding the AGM 2021 being via Zoom should the CV-19 epidemic still be affecting the possibility of meeting. The secretary to advise Ros Clayton of this decision. A Consultative Ballot form be circulated to members with the request for Nominations for Officers and EC members in December. The response to be by post or email.
  6. FINANCE. The Bank balances having been circulated to members prior to the meeting Maria reported that; the current balance is £7147.34 and that we have received payments of £34.05 form the PRS and £1.86 from the MCPS. The report was Accepted. Following the failure of the FCA to provide access details the secretary had posted hard copies of the necessary documents to the FCA for 2019.
  7. PROPOSALS.     a) To affiliate to the Marx Memorial Library. After consideration of the various levels of affiliation it was AGREED to request that we be considered a ‘large local’ organisation’ with an annual cost of £50.  b) To extend the free membership to new contacts through the year of 2021. After considerable discussion it was AGREED that an amendment to Rule be submitted to the AGM that ‘individuals applying for membership be accepted without payment until the subsequent 1 January’. The secretary to investigate the effect on the amendments to rules already circulated to members to the AGM 2020 and to provide further amendment/addendum as necessary.
  8. MEMBERSHIP.    a) Keith reported that we have 60 paid up members and 16 whose payments have not been received to date. Maria AGREED to provide Keith with the necessary bank statement for Keith to check and for EC members to be circulated with the list of the 16 members for them to make personal contact where appropriate.  b)  Keith reported one new member Sarah Crompton f the Marx Memorial  Library who needs to be provided with a Rule Book. c) Keith also reported on his work on a new membership card which will not be an annual card. Artwork was displayed and he agreed to consult on progress. d) It was also AGREED that a ‘Welcome Letter’ be drafted for new members.
  9. BULLETIN. A request was made for more EC members to submit ‘copy’ for Bulletin. Isla and Maria said that they would send in short items. Maria may ask her husband to submit a cartoon if appropriate.
  10. SUMMER SCHOOL. Interviews with tutors. It was AGREED to contact Jane Scott to request tutors be asked if they will give their permission for the interviews to be published in Bulletin. As all but one of the tutors are members of the WMA we did not anticipate any difficulty.
  11. DIY WEEK END OF MUSIC.  Due to the absence of any response it was AGREED to cancel.
  12. AGM 2021. The secretary to request nominations for officers and EC members as required by Rule. This now to be accompanied with Consultative Ballot Paper regarding the meeting being held on Zoom and the despatch of Membership Cards.
  13. WEBSITE. There had been no activity on this item. It was AGREED to carry forward and to send our best wishes to Mark for a full recovery.

DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING was Agreed to be 9 JANUARY 2021