MINUTES of EC Meeting 8 June 2019

MINUTES of the WMA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Telephone Meeting held 8 June 2019 at 10.30am

  1. ATTENDANCE. Chair Anne Schuman, Maria Hughes, Isla Cameron, Rob Harper, Keith Sparrow and President David Martin
  2. APOLOGIES Tim Martin and Mavis Cook.
  3. Minutes of the Meeting held 13 April 2019 having been previously circulated were AGREED
  4. MATTERS ARISING i. The letter from Roy Bride and the EC’s decision with regard to Maria Hughes’ election to EC and appointment as Treasurer was included in the minutes and posted on the website.

ii. John Jordan’s Memorial Concert. With the exception of the photographs promised by Jane Little, the decisions of the EC were all enacted.

  1. FINANCE. Balance in account. See iii. Below

ii. Progress on 2018 Audit Maria Hughes, Treasurer, reported that she had received an email from Tony Grace, Auditor, advising of discrepancies with the Summer School account and that he was seeking the assistance of Roy Bride in resolving the matter. Both Maria and Rob Harper (Summer School Treasurer 2018) had advised Tony Grace that such matters must be addressed to the Summer School Treasurer as he was the person who had produced the account and could answer any queries. If he was not satisfied with any answers he must report the matter to the EC. Roy Bride had not prepared the Summer School Account was no longer an officer of the WMA or an EC member and was not responsible for its contents. Further to this Maria had emailed and phoned Tony Grace on at least two occasions but had not been able to make contact or receive any response. Upon consideration of the above it was AGREED that the Secretary write to Tony Grace such that the EC request that he address any questions on the WMA Summer School Account to Rob Harper and any questions on the WMA Account to Roy Bride as each was individually responsible for the separate accounts. Rob had not contacted Roy Bride regarding surrender of documents as he had expected to see him at the John Jordan Concert.

iii. Signatories. Maria explained that she was awaiting Ben Aitkin’s completion of the necessary form. The delay being due to his working in the Far East.

iv. Finance of John Jordan’s Memorial Concert.  Following discussion on the numbers of Peace Song Books available for sale, it was AGREED the £125.00 raised be recorded as such and that 7 books be shown as donations to the family.


  1. Copy of Rules to Members. All members with an email address had been sent a copy. The Secretary reported that it was his intention to send hard copies to those not on email with the notice of the adjourned EGM. The EGM decision was to supply all new members with a copy of the Rules.  Discussion took place on the current Rules and their relevance to the current size of the WMA. It was AGREED that the Secretary email EC members inviting those who would wish to be on a Rules Revision Committee. This was AGREED and understood that the committee needs to be small in number and any proposals for consideration must be circulated to the members one week before any meetings so that consequential effects can be fully considered.
  2. AGM 2020 It was AGREED to hold in the Marchmont Centre London. Keith AGREED to contact them to ascertain dates and costs between mid March and early April
  3. SUMMER SCHOOL UPDATE. Isla reported that there were 43 applications to date with another 2 expected to be paid for by Mavis Cook.

John Horrocks Scholarship. Rob advised that last year there was an overall loss of funds on the WMA account. Members considered that the awarding of the account was an appropriate use of funds available and it was AGREED that the Scholarship be awarded. It was further AGREED to advertise in the BULLETIN and in the posting in the Morning Star.

  1. BULLETIN. Rob reported that he had received an article from a Clarion member of the Birmingham May Day celebrations. Jane Little had promised to write an article on the John Jordan’s Memorial Concert. David reported that he had submitted an article on Summer School 2018 which had not yet been published. It was AGREED to attempt a publication by late June early July. Isla left the meeting at 11.20.
  2. MEMBERSHIP. Keith reported that 41 members had paid at the start of the year but he expected another 20 or so would pay during the year. Following some discussion it was AGREED that Rob and Keith would meet to ascertain precise details. It was reported that membership materials would be available after the Songs and Poems of Social Comments evening where free membership for one year would be offered.
  3. PRS. Nothing to report
  4. SKYPE. The Chair and Secretary would continue to attempt to gain access and report.
  5. WEBSITE. The application form had been amended to show payment for part year and ‘composers’ had been included.
  6.  COPYRIGHT OF JOHN JORDAN’S MUSIC. Following some discussion it was AGREED to leave the matter for the time being.
  7.  Attendance at EC meetings of WMA members. Proposal. That this shall only be permitted following the prior permission and agreement of the Chair. WMA members may not intervene in debate unless invited to do so by the Chair and agreed by the EC. This was AGREED.


  1.  DATE OF NEXT MEETING. Rob and Maria would advise on progress regarding Audit before any date is decided.  There being no further business the meeting closed at 11.43