MInutes of the EGM held 18 May 2019

MINUTES  of the EXTRA-ORDINARY MEETING of the WORKERS’ MUSIC ASSOCIATION held on 18 May 2019 at the Birmingham and Midland Institute, Margaret Street, Birmingham B3 3BS at 12.30pm.

In the Chair: Anne Schuman

Present:  Maria Caravanas, Ben Aitkin, Keith Sparrow, D (Tom) Tomkins, Jill Waterson,  Anne Lockyer, Maria Hughes, Jane Scott, Rob Harper, Mavis Cook, Isla Cameron.

Apologies: were RECEIVED from Roy Bride, Steve Randall, Ken Keable, and Collette Shine

The purpose of the meeting was to RECEIVE the Auditor’s Report on the 2018 WMA Finances.

The Secretary reported that, despite the Finance Reports for the Main and Summer School accounts, together with the Consolidated Account and association bank statements, cheque books, paying-in books, receipts and association materials being mailed to the Auditor on 4 May 2019, neither he nor the Treasurer had received confirmation that the Audit had been completed or received any questions regarding their contents. The Auditor had confirmed that, when he was in receipt of all documents, he would complete the audit.  The Treasurer confirmed this to be the case.

The Secretary therefore moved that;

there was no alternative but to resolve that the meeting stand adjourned until such a time that the report had been received. This was AGREED by all present.

An adjourned EGM will be arranged and members will receive notice of date 

and venue. "


The meeting stood adjourned at 12.50.

Certified correct………………………………………..